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horror movie "Jonah Lives"

"It is a complete turn-around from most horror films these days, where the shock and awe tactic is used to fool viewers into thinking they just watched something special. For me, the nostalgic elements kept my attention the most because it was like a walk down memory lane reminiscent of titles like Night of the Demons, Witchboard, and Return of the Living Dead II."

MGDSQUAN,  HorrorSociety.com

"The movie has its fair share of atmosphere and scares, but the soundtrack really brings them to life … It’s well shot with fine cinematography. Jonah’s make-up looks great.”
Alex DiVincenzo, HorrorNews.net

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horror movie "Jonah Lives" facebook

"...some real style here....the score reminds me of HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY...the corpse is creepy"
Chris Alexander, editor in chief Fangoria Magazine